Uncovering Value

The Fine Art Investment Group of America recognized an opportunity to bid on an American painting whose value was broadly unrecognized at auction, but could command a much greater price privately. The painting was for sale at auction; however, it was poorly photographed, badly framed and not prominently advertised. The Group’s experts saw an opportunity to create value at the right price. The Group purchased the painting at auction for $37,000.00 had it re-paired, cleaned, and reframed, and successfully sold it privately six months later for $114,000 USD

The Liquidity Advantage

In May of 2012 the Group was offered an opportunity to purchase a very important top tier work by Daniel Ridgway Knight. The seller needed to realize the value of their art as quickly as possible. In the interim the works was offered to the Metropolitan museum of art who expressed interest at $165,000 respectively. The museum would not arrange the financing at the rate at which the seller required. The Group made an offer at a discounted price below that of the museums price which was accepted by the seller due to the client’s desire to dispose of the work without delay. The liquidity and expertise of The Group meant they were able to purchase first rate, top tier art, at below market prices.

Industry Expertise

Fine Art Investment Group of America client (Julie H.) highly recommended purchasing a piece by an artist Sharon Hourigan B. 1957 whom she saw as having significant growth prospects, but who was not yet globally recognized. Upon suggestion, The Group undertook a thorough due diligence analysis of the artist to decide whether to buy, and if so, How much? The Group bought a 12.5 x 8” inch oil on board in 2011 for $4500.00 – The Group was able to sell it 9 months later, at the height of the contemporary art market, for just over $35,000 USD –That’s expertise!

Art Advisory

The Fine Art Investment Group of America Art Advisory service is unique: We bring art-world expertise and a financial perspective to the process of collecting. Our specialists guide clients through the art market, providing personalized acquisition strategies to create important private-art collections that reflect the collector’s vision. We manage every aspect of collection administration; consult on estate and philanthropic planning for our clients’ collections and offer loans using qualified artwork as collateral.