The Fine Art Investment Group of America is committed to protecting your personal information and securing our computer systems. We consider the confidentiality of your personal information to be important and we use industry-standard security measures to safeguard your data from manipulation, destruction, or access by unauthorized persons and to prevent unauthorized disclosure.

  • We encrypt your password in our database so that only you know your password. No person – not even an authorized The Fine Art Investment Group of America Client Service Representative – is authorized to retrieve your password once you set it.
  • We use industry-standard browser security (https), which encrypts the pages of our website that contain your personal information when you use our website, and protects your data from unauthorized access as it passes through the internet between our website and your computer.
  • The Fine Art Investment Group of America uses industry-standard measures, including firewalls, to protect its databases.
  • We continually enhance our security measures as new technology is made available and in response to newly discovered threats.

Please contact us with more specific questions about security at our Client Service center:

Tel:   1-877-895-5065
Fax:  516-889-1014